Artist in Residence - 2017

Mary Limont’s organic, one-of-a-kind necklaces and earrings reflect her fascination with texture and color. Taking her inspiration from nature, she incorporates fossils, pottery, metals and found objects alongside the colored natural stones. “I think even the tiniest leaf
or a rusty nail has a familiar beauty, even if it’s often overlooked.”

Born and educated in West Virginia, Mary lived in several states as she raised her children. She moved to Naples in 2000.

Over the next several years, Mary tapped into her creative side as she explored the world of Southwest Florida through photography and pottery. In 2009 she began making jewelry for herself and her sisters and quickly grew to love the natural stones and the endless possibilities. She started selling her jewelry at local venues.

Mary Limont's Necklace

Mary's Jewelry Workshop at Delnor-Wiggins

March 30, 2017 spawned another beautiful day at Delnor-Wiggins Pass. Under the shade of trees with the Gulf as a backdrop, the Friends ushered in a new event. Jewelry Artist Mary Limont provided artistic advice and expertise to the twenty plus participants at her jewelry making workshop. The program was sponsored by the Friends of Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park. Mary is the Friend's 2017 Resident Artist.

As a designer and creator of fantastic jewelry art, Mary provided a hands-on lesson in making earrings for her class of local regular park visitors as well as first-time out of state visitors. Participants learned techniques as well as how to make material choices appropriate for this art. Each participant made individual selections for their earrings from a myriad of materials including beads of all sizes and colors.

Thanks, Mary, for this unique and informative program. For those of you who missed the workshop hopefully we can get Mary back for a repeat performance. Check the Friends website calendar for this and other events.

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