Artist in Residence - 2015

Damaris Gonzalez was born and raised in Costa Rica and moved to Naples in 1980 where she developed a love for America culture. Being a part of two countries has helped her gain more appreciation for the diversity of nature.

For the past 5 years, Damaris has been an active member and Social Director of the DPI-SIG Naples, The Digital Photography Club of Naples. Through this group she has had the opportunity to be a photographer for the American Heart Association and a member of the Florida Camera Club Council (FCCC). Both organizations have presented her numerous awards.

Damaris also volunteers her time to various local non-profit organizations. She has helped Shy Wolf Sanctuary and Kowiachobee Animal Preserve with numerous photography, advertising and fundraising projects. One of her photographs taken for the Shy Wolf Sanctuary fundraising calendar was chosen to be featured in a recent article about the sanctuary in National Geographic Kids magazine.