Artist in Residence - 2010

We are pleased to announce that the 2010 Delnor-Wiggins Artist in Residence is Sandra Galloway.

Even as a child in Michigan, Sandra dreamed of being an artist. " As I grew older, she admits, " the dream just took hold of my life, and turned into something much more like an obsession."

Sandra has a degree in Graphic Arts from Western Michigan University, and worked in the field for ten years.

Later, she developed art programs for school districts and taught middle and high school students. She was honored buy Who's Who of Outstanding Teachers in America with Teacher of the Year in 2004.

Sandra's realistic watercolor scenes of Florida's bountiful beauty bring the real life experience into your home. The winners of numerous awards, her paintings have an emotional content that depends heavily on bold forms, patterns, shapes and colors, yet they also contain a glimpse of hightly detailed and realistic natural features.

In 2009, Sandra partnered with the J.N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge. A number of her paintings are now part of an expanding, yet specific collection that Sandra has established to benefit the Wildlife Refuge.

As a resident of Pine Island, Florida, Sandra has become a big part of the Florida arts communtity. While she remains a member of the Michigan and National Art Education Associations and the Art Board of Adrian College, she is also active in the Florida Watercolor Society and the Naples Art Association. She sells her art at many juried art festivals throught Florida.