Name the Loggerhead Contest

We are happy to announce that the winning entry in the Name the Loggerhead Turtled" contest for our mascot is: LUNETTA

Three months have passed since The Friends started a contest to Name the Loggerhead Turtle. The turtle is the Friends' mascot, the sculpture that sits on sand near the Park entrance. The name Lunetta was chosen from over 200 entrants from all over the world.

It’s author, Rosvita Watson is from Canada, a visitor to our park for 24 years. She was awarded a turtle t-shirt as her prize.

As the Turtle Hatchlings react and move toward the bright light of the moon or lunar, the name Lunetta was chosen.

The Friends congratulate Rosvita and hope to see her and her family again next year!

Park Manager Bob Steiger, winner Rosvita Watson,
Marcia Byrd (President) & Alliene Liden (Contest Coordinator)